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BAF Series Chemical Free Iron Filter
Remove Stubborn Iron Without Chemicals
Natural oxidation removes iron without chemicals, air pumps or a venturi
Low maintenance two tank system
Regenerate less frequently than traditional iron filters using up to 50% less water than manganese greensand filters
Exclusive NSF Certified electronic control valve with seven year warranty featuring proven piston, seal & spacer technology
Fully adjustable cycles allow customization to the most efficient settings based on specific water quality requirements
A ‘No Touch’ rotating LCD information display continuously displays real time performance data: time/date, capacity, last regeneration date, volume remaining (gallons), current flow rate, peak flow rate, regeneration time
Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed, Meter with Day Override, Vacation and Calendar Clock mode
Energy efficient. Uses approximately $1.19* in electricity annually
NSF Certified fibreglass pressure tank with lifetime warranty
Unique precision turbine meter is incorporated in system bypass valve – saving space over 4” of floor space
Time saving quick connect fittings on brine line, drain line (with 0-ring seal) and power cord for fast and easy installations